About C&J Storage Solutions in St Augustine, Florida

Our Mission

We think that all hard working individuals in St Augustine, Florida deserve the space they require. This is why we are committed to giving people the simplest options to generate more space with bespoke, EZ portable buildings and sheds that are long lasting.

Our Pledge

We regard ourselves as the opportunity builders of St Augustine, Florida. Whether we are devising ways to provide people with excellent sheds at an affordable price, or ways to house homeless war veterans in Florida, we aim to build sustainability, value and freedom into all of our product range.

Our History EZ portable buildings in St Augustine, FL

We are a collection of builders, lumber specialists and contractors from St Augustine, Florida, with more than three decades of experience working in the storage sector. We have delivered high quality workmanship at affordable prices for countless happy clients in St Augustine, Florida.

As Florida residents become more mobile, we are inventing ways to make storage and housing solutions simpler and more versatile for you. Whether it is a rent to own option, an online building tool or environmentally friendly sheds, we are dedicated to fostering long term relationships with St Augustine, Florida clients, by providing them with effective solutions to their requirements.

Reasons to be an C&J Storage Solutions Customer in St Augustine, Florida

1. Handmade Quality

We use top quality materials on EZ portable buildings and sheds, because we want them to last forever. All buildings and sheds come with a five year warranty.

2. Don't buy Until you Build

In contrast to other St Augustine, Florida building firms, EZ portable buildings and sheds can be customized. Construct the ideal solution for you using our online customization tool.

EZ portable buildings shed in St Augustine, FL 3. Environmentally Friendly

All EZ portable buildings and sheds are treated to counteract termite damage and fungal decay, without needing to use harmful chemicals.

4. Our Rent to Own Scheme

Credit checks are not necessary. Obtain the sheds you require without needing to pay for everything in advance.

5. Industry Leading

All EZ portable buildings and sheds are built painstakingly to industry specs and standards, which differentiates us from many of our competitors. Also, all our buildings and sheds have to pass a ten point examination, before you receive them.

How our Sheds set the Standard in St Augustine, Florida

Quality is not Accidental

At EZ, our goal is to deliver the industry's toughest handcrafted sheds... at an affordable price.

In contrast to many similar companies in St Augustine, Florida, we do not take shortcuts or deliver substandard sheds just to boost profits.

We aim to foster trust, relationships and value...that lasts over the long term.

We enjoy educating our St Augustine, Florida clients about the care and quality that goes into all the handmade sheds we make. Here's how we differ from our Florida competitors:

Better Flooring

Our 2x6 high pressure treated floor joists ensure that our floors are thirty-five percent stronger than the floors provided by other building firms that use 2x4 joists. Also, our floors are treated against mold, mildew and termites. We use Smart Guard and LP Treated ProStruct to treat our groove and 5/8 tongue flooring, which keeps your structure dry inside and protects it against termite damage and fungal decay. Furthermore, all of our floors are environmentally friendly, with no damaging chemicals utilized to treat the material. If that wasn't enough, our flooring has a decade long guarantee from LP.

Stronger Walls

The wood we use is handpicked and painstakingly assessed to make sure that you receive a quality shed product. We utilize double stud 2x4 studs every four feet. The wall studs, along with the ceiling and floor joists, are nailed sixteen inches apart for optimum durability (similar to the way regular houses in Florida are built). This detail enables us to construct sheds that are stronger and tougher than our Florida competitors, who position their studs and joists twenty-four inches apart.

Safe Roof Systems

We have built a truss system, which comes with hurricane ties and double top plates for durability that can resist 150 mph winds. Moreover, our Florida structures all come with ridge vents and gable vents as standard, to deliver excellent ventilation. Better still, we provide a forty year guarantee for metal roofs, compared to our Florida competitors, who provide just a ten year guarantee. 5 Year Warranty Complete / 50 Year Pro-rated