Portable Buildings in St Augustine, Florida

Finding the Right Portable Building in St Augustine, Florida

Whether you are looking for some extra space for an office, play room, bedroom, or workshop, a cozy little tiny home, or just some place to store tools and equipment or Christmas decorations, C&J Storage Solutions in St Augustine, FL has the right EZ portable building for the job. Here is a complete list of the portable buildings and sheds we offer. Each one is has a variety of colors, sizes, and options, so click the link to go to the EZ website to start designing your EZ portable building or tiny house in St Augustine, FL!

Side Lofted Barn Portable Building Lofted side barn portable building in St Augustine, Florida

If your goal is to have more space, take a look at this. Our lofted barn and portable buildings offer storage solutions and much more. Although windows are not a standard feature, the spacious main area has a loft for extra storage.

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Lofted Barn Lofted barn in St Augustine, Florida

When looking for more space, think of going upward. Our lofted barn is filled with storage opportunities with a spacious main area and added space for storage in the loft.

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Standard Barn Barn shed in St Augustine, Florida

Our standard barn provides an easy solution for additional space. It has the strength to withstand a hurricane and is small enough to fit into the desired location. Starting at 90 square feet, our barns can be scaled up to 560 square feet.

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Garden Shed Garden shed in St Augustine, Florida

If you are looking for something more sturdy than what the big box stores offer, our garden sheds can be customized and are built to last. You can store your bikes, garden tools, holiday decorations, lawn mower and so much more without sacrificing quality.

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Garage Garage shed in St Augustine, Florida

Your motorcycle, car or other valuables should never be stored out in the open or under a carport. Our portable garage comes complete with a 9 foot roll up door and a side-entry door for your convenience. Although you may order a window, that is not a standard feature.

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Side Garden Shed Side lofted barn shed in St Augustine, Florida

What competitors might charge extra for, we offer as standard features with our beautiful wood side garden shed. This garden shed is customizable and built to last and come with two 2x3 windows and a double door. It is ideal for storing lawn mower, garden tools, heavy equipment bikes, holiday decorations and so much more. No quality is lost either.

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Standard Cabin Standard cabin shed in St Augustine, Florida

Want a comfortable getaway cabin and an affordable price? We've got what you need. the simple, practical design of our cabins means some people in St Augustine, Florida use them as hunting lodges, office or workshop, crafting space and even as a tiny house.

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Side Porch Cabin Side porch cabin in St Augustine, Florida

For those wishing for their front door to take center stage in a ranch-style structure, our side porch cabin should be appealing. It is complete with 4 standard windows and a full front porch. It is perfect for that luxury getaway wood cabin you have always wanted at an affordable price.

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Lofted Barn Cabin Lofted barn cabin shed in St Augustine, Florida

A portable building does not have to be small. Our lofted barn cabin has lots of space with the loft prefect for sleeping to maintain ample room below in this tiny house.

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Deluxe Lofted Barn Cabin Deluxe lofted barn cabin in St Augustine, Florida


Carport in St. Augustine, Florida C&J Storage Solutions Carries numerous brands and styles of carports. We will meet with you to discuss your individual needs. We take into account numerous factors such as the size available vs the size you wish to have, what types of vehicles you plan to store under the carport, your budget, and many other factors. Call today for more information!


Gazebo in St. Augustine, Florida Enjoy the beautiful Florida weather but wish you had a place to enjoy some shade during the heat of the day? A gazebo is just what you need! We offer many styles and sizes designed to suit your needs. Call us today to find out our exact options and let us help you find the gazebo of your dreams.